Services & Solutions

Our company offers high quality medical billing services, with certified coders, utilizing state of the art software that insures accurate and expeditious coding for selected medical practices. Additionally, we offer extensive follow up to ensure rapid turnaround from insurance carriers resulting in increased cash flow to our clients. Moreover, our software provides clear, concise reporting on all aspects of our clients billing services that can be utilized as a tool to assist in managing the practice.

IT Systems (Information and Processing Systems).  A robust series of programs that aids our coders and billing specialists in identifying the correct CPTs for the treatments reflected on the billing sheets submitted by our clients. Additionally, the system provides management reports that can be customized for each client to provide operating metrics in order to guide our client's in better practice management.

Direct Deposit.  Many billing companies utilize lock boxes and trust accounts to collect the reimbursements from insurance companies to the health care providers. This slows down your cash flow. Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC deposits all collected reimbursements directly into the accounts of our clients on a daily basis thereby increasing your cash flow.  This is in contrast to many of our competitors who make only weekly reimbursement deposits into their client accounts and provide only monthly reports. Additionally, each client is assigned a billing specialist that becomes intimately familiar with the practice and is available to answer any questions and discuss billing issues that may arise directly with each of our clients. Personal contact with clients. Each of Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC' s clients are assigned to a specific billing and coding specialist, or specialists if the client is large enough, who become intimately familiar with the physicians practice, methods, and styles in order to provide ease of coding and guidance to the physician to maximize revenues.