Notice of Privacy

HIPAA Statement

It is the policy of Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC to obey the law and to follow ethical business practices. We will abide by all state and federal laws governing medical billing, patient confidentiality, and compliance. Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that business is conducted in accordance with applicable law and sound and ethical business practices.

Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC has taken steps to ensure the privacy, security and integrity of all data on our computer systems within our office:

  • Software is HIPAA compliant, per our software vendor
  • Our software is password protected with auto logout for inactivity
  • We utilize anti-virus and firewall software
  • Our choice of Clearinghouse is HIPAA compliant, per the companies
  • Our files are kept behind locked doors
  • We have a HIPAA policy & procedure manual, which we continually review and update
  • We require a Business Associate Agreement with all of our clients and other necessary companies we do business with

Since the protection of PHI is of the utmost importance, Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC continually reviews policies and procedures to ensure that this goal is always met. We continually educate ourselves to ensure compliance with HIPAA, OIG and State Specific Laws & Regulations.