About Us

Gateway Practice Solutions, LLC (GPS) was started in July of 2012 when a group of physicians that 'were frustrated by the lack of performance of their billing company, reviewed other alternatives and discovered that there was a real need for a different kind of medical billing company, one that could bill medical charges with competence, clarity and speed while also providing much needed and transparent information to providers in a timely fashion.

GPS was created with one simple goal: To provide medical practitioners with efficient and cohesive billing services that maximizes their cash flow while still providing a sympathetic and realistic approach with their patients. We are different in that our company offers high quality medical billing services utilizing state of the art software that insures accurate and expeditious billing for selected medical practices. Additionally, through our experienced certified coders and collectors, we offer extensive follow up to ensure rapid turnaround from insurance carriers resulting in increased cash flow to our clients. Moreover, our software provides clear, concise reporting on all aspects of our clients billing services that can be utilized as a tool to assist in managing the practice.

Additionally, we differentiate ourselves in that we work each account to get the most out of our client's efforts and do not simply focus on the "low hanging fruit" of our clients billing. For example, most billing companies do not expend much effort in working with patients who have experienced financial difficulty, who have been paid directly by the insurance carrier for the services rendered by the physician, or who have been difficult to contact due to varying circumstances. Instead, these billing companies simply turn the afore mentioned accounts over to collection agencies, thereby tossing away a significant slice of potential recoverable cash to third parties who have varying success in eventually collecting the fees. However, GPS is organized to sift through and work these accounts in a more thorough fashion which results in a higher rate of collections and revenues for our clients.

"Our Mission is to provide anesthesiologists and other select medical practitioners with efficient and cohesive billing services that increases their cash flow while still providing a compassionate and realistic approach with their patients."